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  The "Academic Calendar" covers the entire period from the beginning of one Fall semester to the beginning of the subsequent Fall semester, including holidays, breaks, intersessions and Summer sessions.

Task Force Projects

♦  Identify community colleges in California currently using or considering compressed calendar

♦  Identify various models for compressed calendars, benefits and drawbacks of each

♦  Conduct system-wide research to find relevant studies on impact of compressed calendar on instructional programs

♦  Meet with deans/faculty from instructional programs to discuss and identify key issues surrounding compressed calendar

♦  Analyze impact of compressed calendar on non-instructional programs at SRJC

♦  Maintain current and useful web pages reflecting the work of the task force

♦  Schedule site interviews and/or visits to gather information, and evaluate impact of compressed calendars at other California community colleges

♦  Identify, compare, and evaluate variations in compressed calendar models from other California community colleges

♦  Expand task force as needed to represent relevant constituent groups

♦  Promote and direct District-wide discussion of key issues surrounding potential compression of calendar at SRJC

♦  Develop and implement District-wide survey to determine whether or not SRJC should pursue a compressed calendar

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