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AFA Online Resources

Academic Senate for Calif Comm Colleges (ASCCC)
Academic Senate for Calif Comm Colleges--Disciplines List
American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
California Code of Regulations--Title 5
California Community College Chancellor's Office
California Community College Contracts & Union Locals
California Community College Independents (CCCI)
California Department of Education
California Education Code Index
California Federation of Teachers (CFT)
California Legislative Analyst's Office
California Legislative Information
California Part Time Faculty Association (CPFA)
California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS)
California Teacher's Association (CTA)
Community College League of California (CCLC)
Faculty Association of the California Community Colleges (FACCC)
SRJC Academic Senate
SRJC Accreditation
SRJC Arts and Lectures
SRJC Benefits, Employee
SRJC Board of Trustees
SRJC Certificate Programs
SRJC Classified Employees SEIU
SRJC Classified Senate
SRJC Committees, Academic Senate
SRJC Committees, Presidential Advisory & College Standing (rosters, structure, calendar)
SRJC Crisis Intervention Resource Guide
SRJC Curriculum
SRJC Day Under The Oaks
SRJC Dental Plan Summary
SRJC Department Chairs
SRJC Disability Resources
SRJC Environmental Health and Safety
SRJC Fact Book (community, enrollment, student performance, personnel, financial status)
SRJC Faculty Portal/LOOKUP
SRJC Forms, Flex and PDA Workshop
SRJC Forms, Human Resources
SRJC Forms, Voluntary Payroll Contributions
SRJC Foundation
SRJC History
SRJC Human Resources

SRJC Information Technology
SRJC Insider Online Newsletter
SRJC Learning Communities
SRJC Library
SRJC Majors
SRJC Media Services
SRJC Oakleaf Student Newspaper
SRJC Distance Education
SRJC Committees
SRJC Planning, Instl (Master Plan, Clg Initiatives, Program Rev, Component Goals, Accreditation, Budget)
SRJC Policy & Procedure Manual
SRJC Program and Resource Planning Process (PRPP)
SRJC Purchasing
SRJC Schedule of Classes
SRJC Professional Development
SRJC Staff Directory
SRJC Vision Services Plan (VSP)
Title 5 California Code of Regulations Index

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