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Of Interest to Associate Faculty

Spend some time looking over this special section of the AFA Website, especially if you are a new adjunct instructor. CLICK THE NAVIGATION BUTTONS IN THE GOLD BAR ABOVE ↑ to find many useful links to forms and procedures.  Scroll within the "Hot Topics" bottom left corner to find important items and latest news.  Also, bookmark this page on your browser for future reference. If any statement is, or appears to be, in conflict with the AFA Contract or District Board Policy & Procedures, the Contract or Policy supercedes that statement. Please email Stephanie Simons at the AFA office with your comments, questions, or corrections.

          TOP 10 LINKS:
          1.   Offer Rights
          2.   Assignment Procedures
          3.   Evaluations
          4.   Join AFA
          5.   Leaves
          6.   Office Hours Calculation
          7.   Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
          8.   Pay Rates & Salary Schedule Linkage
          9.   Unemployment Benefits between terms
          10. Weingarten Rights & Grievance Process

Archive of Associate Monthly Newsletters

 May 9, 2019  Issue 7: Pay Parity at SRJC
 April 11, 2019  Issue 6: Proposed Legislation Impacting Adjunct Faculty
 March 14, 2019  Issue 5: Governor's Proposed Budget for 2019-20
 Feb. 14, 2019  Issue 4: Adjunct Population Data
 Jan. 17, 2019  Issue 3: Adjunct-Only Unions
 Dec. 12, 2018  Issue 2: Schedule Cuts
 Nov. 14, 2018  Issue 1: Adjunct Retirement Plan Options

  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 03.14.22 09/13/22