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AFA is working for you!


Benefits of Membership

As your collective bargaining agent AFA serves you in the following ways:

  • Representation in all matters concerning terms and conditions of employment
  • Negotiation of contract and annual salary increases
  • Conciliation of work-related issues
  • Filing of formal grievences for violations of the contract
  • Membership on the following district committees: Budget Advisory Committee, Calendar/Registration Commitee, College Council, District-wide Fringe Benefits Committee, Hate-Free Campus Committee, Institutional Planning Council, Parking and Transportation Committee, Professional Growth Increments Committee, Sabbatical Leave Committee, Staff Development Coordinating Committee, Staff Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee, and District Tenure Review and Evaluations Committee
  • Liaison with the Department Chair Council and Academic Senate

In addition, as a participating AFA member you are entitled to the following:

  • Right to vote to accept or reject AFA negotiated contracts
  • Right to vote for AFA Executive Council members
  • Right to run for a seat on the AFA Executive Council
  • Right to vote for any changes in the AFA Constitution or dues structure
  • Right to respond to AFA member-only surveys
  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 08/16/18