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2014–17 AFA Contract - Addenda

  Addendum 1     -   LOU Faculty Load for Forensics Program (48KB) 6/13/95
  Addendum 2     -   LOU Independent Study ("49" & "98") Courses (44KB) 3/4/96
  Addendum 3     -   Deleted
  Addendum 4     -   MOU Flexible Contract Year for Summer Repertory Theater Artistic Director (64KB) 9/01/05
  Addendum 5     -   MOU Dissolution of the Business Office Technology Department (332KB) 7/29/09
  Addendum 6     -   MOU Moving Applied Graphics into Computer Studies (236KB) 7/29/09
  Addendum 7     -   MOU Dissolution of the Electronics Department (236KB) 8/21/09
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