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May 2016 AFA Tentative Agreement (TA)

AFA Executive Council unanimously votes to support the May 2016 TA - May 20, 2016.
AFA Membership overwhelmingly votes to approve TA by 94.4% - May 26, 2016.
Ratified by the Board of Trustees - June 14, 2016.

TA May 2016 Cover Letter to AFA Members with links to proposed contract language [PDF]
Fall 2016 tentative Salary Schedule [PDF]
           Rank 10 — 2.09% overall increase
Spring 2017 tentative Salary Schedule [PDF]
           Rank 10 — plus negotiated increase in Lab Hourly Schedule


The voting procedure is conducted online using SurveyMonkey.com. An email deployment method is used to distribute unique URL links to each faculty AFA Member — one link, one vote per email address. As per AFA policies, the eligibility of each voter is verified and each ballot certified before being tallied by AFA staff with the oversight of at least one full-time and one part-time Councilor. Raw data from the election will be securely saved separately from the hard copy list of AFA members eligible to vote and AFA members from whom we received certified ballots. 

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  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 07/18/16